What is WordPress?

I really try to not use overly technical jargon when I talk to my clients. However, sometimes I forget that everyone doesn’t live in this geeky world (and I’m actually more creative than geeky), and I have slipped and had to check myself. I’ve seen website design websites that have so much technical speak, I think they’re trying to intimidate a potential client into thinking, “Well, I have no idea what they’re talking about so they must know what they’re doing.” I never want anyone to feel like that. I aim to be transparent, open and friendly.

With all that being said, WordPress is simply a sweet platform to build websites on. It started out as a blogging solution and has evolved into a full content management system (a complete website that can really do anything you need it to) that gives the power back to the client (depending on their technical abilities and desire to participate).

Are you in need of a fresh website that doesn’t force your viewers to pinch on zoom on mobile or tablet? Do you crave help simplifying this vast internet world and all it can do to bring you qualified customers? We should talk.