Underwater 360 Panoramic Video


360 Degree Panoramic Video

We’ve all come to know the power of 360 panoramic photos for virtual tours. Marketing professionals use them to create online experiences designed to make you feel you are actually there. 360 panoramic video now takes the experience a leap further with full motion 30fps video and sound. This technology has a much greater impact of immersing the viewer into the essence of the scene than silent still photography. Further, the flexible features of our presentation technology allow for integration of other media with a high level of user interactivity. The possibilities of what can be done are nearly endless.

Currently, only devices and web browsers supporting Adobe Flash can view 360 video. HTML5-only devices like Apple iPads and iPhones can’t view these at this time, but they should in the future as HTML5 technology evolves.

Doing it Underwater

We developed a custom deep water housing that will take our camera system to at least 330 feet deep. We shot our first underwater test in the Dry Tortugas in October 2012 and have since shot several more on the USS Mohawk and Siesta Key Beach.

Please contact brian @ creativeheadsinc.com to discuss incorporating our 360 panoramic video technology to your marketing efforts.