We recommend Bluehost for a website hosting provider because we have found it to be affordable, easy to use and they provide very good customer service.


Some benefits of Bluehost:

  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • FREE Domain Name.
  • Simple Scripts 1-Click installs.
  • 99.9% up-time Guarantee.
  • Unlimited Domains.
  • Unlimited Space.
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

The steps:

Step 1. Get Started on Bluehost

The first step is to sign up for website hosting with Bluehost. You can think of website hosting as paying rent. Just like you need to pay for a place to store your things, so does your website.

I’m ready to sign up!


bluehost web hosting

Step 2. Domain Name

Once you click the ‘get started’ button you will have to either choose a new domain name or transfer an existing domain.

New Domain
If you need a domain, you can add it here for free.

Transfer Domain
If you already have a domain name, simply enter it in the transfer domain section. It’s up to you later if you want to fully transfer the domain registration to Bluehost (for free). Although you are using the transfer domain option, the domain is not technically transferred to using Bluehost as the registrar unless you choose to do so later. Transferring the domain is free but is not required or necessary. You may elect to keep your domain with the current domain registrar.  

bluehost signup

Step 3. Choose you Payment Package

The next step will be paying for your hosting and choosing any additional features you want. Bluehost offers a few different package plans. The best deal is to sign up for 36 months for $4.95/month. However, if you are wary of commitment you can always sign up for one year for only $6.95/month.

Bluehost also offers many features such as ‘SiteLock Domain Security’, ‘Search Engine Jumpstart’ and ‘Domain Whois Privacy’ for an additional fee. These features have their value but not all are necessary for everyone. If privacy is very important for you, ‘Domain Whois Privacy’ might be worth the investment because it will prevent your name and other information from being associated with ownership of your website. You can always decide for yourself after reading the ‘more information’ for each feature. We DO recommend you sign up for the ‘Site Backup Pro’ because it offers another layer of backups for a very affordable price. Note: these backups should not take the place of backups that are conducted in any type of WordPress Maintenance Plan with us since the Bluehost backups will only be able to be restored by Bluehost. 

package choice

Do you need to move (migrate) your website to Bluehost?

After you enter in your payment details and press submit you will be taken to a page that gives you one last chance to sign up for upgrades.

migration service bluehost

If you are needing to move (migrate) your website(s) from a previous hosting provider, the $99 migration option is well worth it. You can migrate 5 websites and 20 email addresses for $99! Migration can get complicated so I think this is a great service.

bluehost website migration service

Step 4. Create a Strong Password

The final step when it comes to signing up for Bluehost is to choose a password.

create password

It’s always smart to have safe passwords for online accounts. Bluehost provides a generator that can be used to create one of those hard to crack (and hard to remember) passwords. Choose whatever method your prefer but make sure to record your password somewhere secure.



You are now ready to log into your Bluehost account or share the details safely with your favorite web designer.

Account Login   Bluehost




Underwater 360 Panoramic Video


360 Degree Panoramic Video

We’ve all come to know the power of 360 panoramic photos for virtual tours. Marketing professionals use them to create online experiences designed to make you feel you are actually there. 360 panoramic video now takes the experience a leap further with full motion 30fps video and sound. This technology has a much greater impact of immersing the viewer into the essence of the scene than silent still photography. Further, the flexible features of our presentation technology allow for integration of other media with a high level of user interactivity. The possibilities of what can be done are nearly endless.

Currently, only devices and web browsers supporting Adobe Flash can view 360 video. HTML5-only devices like Apple iPads and iPhones can’t view these at this time, but they should in the future as HTML5 technology evolves.

Doing it Underwater

We developed a custom deep water housing that will take our camera system to at least 330 feet deep. We shot our first underwater test in the Dry Tortugas in October 2012 and have since shot several more on the USS Mohawk and Siesta Key Beach.

Please contact brian @ creativeheadsinc.com to discuss incorporating our 360 panoramic video technology to your marketing efforts.



I really try to not use overly technical jargon when I talk to my clients. However, sometimes I forget that everyone doesn’t live in this geeky world (and I’m actually more creative than geeky), and I have slipped and had to check myself. I’ve seen website design websites that have so much technical speak, I think they’re trying to intimidate a potential client into thinking, “Well, I have no idea what they’re talking about so they must know what they’re doing.” I never want anyone to feel like that. I aim to be transparent, open and friendly.

With all that being said, WordPress is simply a sweet platform to build websites on. It started out as a blogging solution and has evolved into a full content management system (a complete website that can really do anything you need it to) that gives the power back to the client (depending on their technical abilities and desire to participate).

Infographics have become a great way to visually explain something technical. I think this one does a good job explaining what it is and its popularity:

sarasota web design

If you’d prefer to watch a short video, this one talks to you without a lot of geek speak:

Are you in need of a fresh website? Do you crave help simplifying this vast internet world and all it can do to bring you qualified customers? We should talk.


Sarasota Web Design

About Creative Heads

We’re a small, talented website design and graphic design company located in Sarasota, Florida. We specialize in website design powered by WordPress and graphic design. With an as needed scalable team approach, we can offer everything you need to market your business.

Creative Heads forms relationships with other professionals and freelancers to create a scalable team of strategic partners and specialists on an as-needed basis. As a team, our talents and combined knowledge in website design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization, online marketing, social media and copywriting allow us to work with clients anywhere in the nation and provide a creative and comprehensive solution to your business needs.


I was so excited to learn about moo.com for printing. The thing that excited me the most was that I could choose one front design and as many back designs as I wanted.

Yes, as many designs on the back as I wanted!!

Well, this is just mind blowing to a creative. Although I was on a time crunch, I went ahead and designed my own new business cards to experience this fantastic option.

They call it Printfinity…

The basic (these are far from basic cards though) moo cards are a little more square than your standard card. Which makes them super modern. The standard paper is so thick with a beautiful matte finish. They even came in this really cool case. I am thoroughly impressed and can’t wait to start designing business cards for my clients and having them printed at moo.com.

With quantities as low as 50 for $19.99, you can’t miss on this one. Think of the possibilities; or, let me because that’s what I love to do.

Are you interested in new business cards?

Let’s talk about design and having them printed at moo.com. You’ll look fabulous!

Here’s a peek at mine. My next batch may have some patterns in my beanie and those patterns on the back. Oh, the fun I could have.

business card design and printing sarasota

Do you know of any other great online resources for printing awesome things? Comment below.


We’ve been very busy lately providing WordPress websites in Sarasota and beyond.

If you haven’t heard ;-) WordPress is VERY popular and a fantastic foundation to build your website on. Why?

  1. Search engines love it as the pages are easy to index and optimize
  2. Your blog posts are pretty much immediately indexed by google
  3. Customizing can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be
  4. It’s free! Yes, it’s still a free, open source, platform with a huge following and amazing development. They make their money from their hosted product, wordpress.com, and other affiliates/partnerships.
  5. I could go on…

Here are just a few of our very satisfied clients who we helped with a new WordPress website. Some are located here in Sarasota. A few others are all the way in beautiful Bandon, Oregon! Which, by the way, I would really love to visit some day.


Let us show how using WordPress to build your website will be one of the best marketing decisions you can make; that and choosing Creative Heads to help build it and even market it. Contact us – let’s talk.


In March 2013, we took our proprietary 360 video camera underwater to the deck of the USS Mohawk 28 miles offshore Sanibel Island Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. You can view the interactive video here on the MohawkWreck.com web site.


Creative Heads dives into Immersive 360 degree Panoramic Video


360 degree Panoramic Video

We’ve all come to know the power of 360 panoramic photos for virtual tours.  Marketing professionals use them to create online experiences designed to make you feel you are actually there.  360 panoramic video now takes the experience a leap further with full motion 30fps video and sound.  This technology has a much greater impact of immersing the viewer into the essence of the scene than silent still photography.  Further, the flexible features of our presentation technology allow for integration of other media with a high level of user interactivity.  The possibilities of what can be done are nearly endless.

Currently, only devices and web browsers supporting Adobe Flash can view 360 video.   HTML5-only devices like Apple iPads and iPhones  can’t view these at this time, but they should in the future as HTML5 technology evolves.

Siesta Beach Demo

For our first demo project, what could be better than a trip to Siesta Key Beach?  This Flash demo has two vantage points:  The blue tower, and the red tower.  You can switch between each using the overhead map (lower left corner) or by clicking the hot spots on the horizon within the video.


Our custom 360 video camera system even dives underwater.  We developed a custom deep water housing that will take our camera system to at least 330 feet deep.   We shot our first underwater test last October in the Dry Tortugas.   See our first immersive underwater 360 video here.

Please contact brian @ creativeheadsinc.com to discuss bringing our 360 panoramic video to your marketing efforts.



On October 19, 2012, in cooperation with liveaboard Ultimate Getaway, Brian Dombrowski completed the first open water shoot with his unique 360 degree panoramic video camera prototype. This first shoot took place in the Dry Tortugas in about 60 feet of water. Read about it and see the interactive video here at SubsurfaceMedia.com.


From small entrepreneurs to larger corporations, we cater to those who want professional, quality websites. When we design or redesign a website, the first thing we do is determine the purpose – what it is supposed to do. Then we build the site so that everything is designed to accomplish that purpose. Your site must:

1. Attract interest in your product or service
2. Create demand for your product or service
3. Get real, measurable results

Since the size and complexity of websites vary largely depending on the needs of your business, we will work closely with you to determine your objectives and develop a proposal to suit your budget.

Contact us today to start planning your website.

WordPress Websites & Customization

Have you heard of WordPress? If not, you will…

We are very skilled in developing websites in WordPress. WordPress will not only allow you to update your website yourself, it will also give you a flexible website for future growth, an integrated blog as well as beautiful code that Google loves. Using this free platform to develop your website means you get a highly professional site built with the latest in technology at an economical price.

Contact us today to start planning your WordPress website.


We at Creative Heads are huge fans of WordPress.  For the last several years, we’ve programmed 90% of our sites on the WordPress.org platform. WordPress enhances websites at every step of the process: our users save money, take control over their own sites (add/edit/remove content), incorporate advanced functionality (e-commerce, mapping, user submitted content, etc.) and get better search results.  WordPress.org is simply a stroke of genius, and we take great pride in using it to make beautiful and powerful websites for our clients.  Below is a list of the top 10 reasons we believe in using WordPress.org for your website.  If you are interested in getting professional help setting up or optimizing a WordPress.org website, contact us any time.

1. WordPress is Truly Free and Open Source

Unlike other “free” and “open source” solutions that have hidden agendas, WordPress.org is completely free (learn more) for you, forever.  WordPress doesn’t start charging when you hit a certain size, nor does it close off any of its code to you.  This is one of the less tangible but probably most important elements of WordPress.org’s success.  No fees, no gotchas, no nonsense.

2. Automattic is an Awesome Company, and it Takes Care of WordPress

The more I learn about Matt Mullenweg and his company, Automattic, the more I like them.  These guys write amazing code, protect open source programming, fight spam, host affordable and educational conferencestake security seriously, and seem like genuine nice guys.  I mentioned that WP is open source, but what’s really interesting is that it is commercial open source.  That sounds like an oxymoron but it’s actually a breakthrough.  Many traditional community-based open source projects are not well guided – they end up floundering, splitting into separate projects, or become stale because volunteers are not motivated to work.  Automattic stays on top of their product, steering development in the right direction and constantly updating their product.

3. Plugins Give You More Functionality

Plenty of platforms out there offer plugin functionality, but I’ve never seen a more smooth and thorough implementation than the plugin effort on WordPress.org.  Plugins allow you to add great photo galleries, sliders, shopping carts, forums, maps, and more great functionality.  There’s a searchable, one-click install directory of plugins (think App Store for WordPress).  Their code is riddled with “hooks” that allow developers to add their code to virtually any aspect of WordPress without editing the core.

4. The Visual Editor and CMS are Outstanding

The intuitive, user-friendly backend of WordPress is probably what made it so famous in the first place.  I’ll never remember the relief I felt when I first installed WordPress after a few Drupal experiences.  I always tell my clients, “if you can do it in Word, you can do it in WordPress.”  In fact, with the Paste From Word tool, that statement is more true than you would imagine (this article was written in Word).  WordPress is continually improving its CMS, adding features such as threaded comments, galleries, revision historiestrashcustom post types, and more.  If you haven’t maintained a WordPress site yet, give it a look.

5. Easily Add a Blog To Your Site

How is this number 5 on the list you ask?  WordPress really came to fame for blogging and is still considered by many to be a blog platform.  Even WordPress itself seems to identify with blogging first, as the default configuration is for the home page to be a blog.  Aside from the amazing advances in CMS (see #4 above), the blog functionality is still the best in the business.  With categories, tags, threaded commenting, gravatars, easy theming, widgets, fantastic moderation controls, anti spam solutions, and plugin infrastructure, you can’t find a better blog solution.  Adding a blog to a WordPress site is a great way to attract and involve visitors, and to keep Google paying attention.  If you don’t need a full site, and just want a quick blog, check out WordPress.com.

6. Themes Let You Style Your Site

I tell my business clients every day that their site doesn’t need to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to design.  We love doing custom web design for our clients, but many of them don’t need it.  We’ve been able to make very beautiful and successful sites by starting from pre-existing themes and doing customizations from there.  Because themes are open source, you can buy or download them and then modify them to your heart’s content.  Remember, themes are independent from your content, so you can edit or swap out themes at any time and keep your content and functionality in place.

7. Google Loves WordPress

At Creative Heads, we focus on getting new customers for our clients via Search Engine Optimization.  Ever since we started doing WordPress.org installs, I noticed a spike in search results.  Over the years I’ve used many valuable SEO plugins such as the All-In-One SEO Pack, Yoast and Google XML Sitemaps.  But even without these plugins, I always felt like the simple layouts of WordPress, the permalinks, and the easy linking in WordPress would be naturally attractive to Google.

8. WordPress Sites are Accessible

WordPress sites are usually built on relatively simple and accessible technologies.  It uses all free license server software.  The web pages render in HTML and CSS allowing them to show up on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc. when your website is mobile enabled.  It’s also easy for alternative browsers such as text only browsers which are excellent for those with disabilities.

9. Your Site Can Grow With You

When you add up a lot of these features, you find that your WordPress site can grow with you over the years.  You can easily upgrade it for new features and security.  You can add a new theme (ma.tt seems to add a new theme most years) without redoing your whole site.  You can add new plugins for enhanced functionality (add e-commerce if your business grows, focus more on search results, add a store finder, etc.)  WordPress.org is used by millions of sites, from the simplest little blogs to huge brand names like the New York Times blog, People, Flickr, and more.  See the WordPress.org showcase.

Have further thoughts on why WordPress.org is or isn’t a great platform for building websites?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Finally, if you’re looking for a professional to put a WordPress.org website together for you, contact us today.